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Our business has been established for 10 years, our love in the field of gardening, maintenance and decoration makes us excel. Our prices are affordable, the services we offer are ground preparation - trimming - planting - lawn sowing. Laying turf, lawn.
This is where we produce ready-made turf. We have the best varieties available on the market and you will find the new variety of the next decade. It relieves us of fungi and other diseases. It has very little maintenance and requires little water. The works that we exhibit in the photos are in the Municipality of Pyrgos, in the area of ​​Alfieoussa and in the Municipality of Andritsanas, Krestena. We take over all the stadiums all over Greece. Automatic watering systems.



  • Ground Preparation
  • Threading
  • Planting
  • Sowing Grass
  • Laying turf, lawn

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The garden is not a luxury, it's a way of living

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Kagouras Alexis

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Epitalio, Purgos 27058 / Ilias
Phone: 2621071336
Cell: 6977589027