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SOD - Kagouras Alexis

What is the ready lawn?
The ready lawn is the grass that is extracted from the extent to which it is cultivated along with a small layer of soil in which most of its roots are located.
Our company prepares and grows turf in selected - suitably configured farms, under controlled conditions, using state-of-the-art equipment to produce high quality product. Our products are characterized by uniformity and durability.
Our specialized personnel undertakes tasks such as regular lubrication, frequent mowing, thinning, aeration and spraying to prevent entomological or fungal infections.
The ready lawn for transport is wrapped in rolls and placed on pallets after export.
The ready lawn is used instead of seeding with turf seeds in gardening, but also in covering racing areas such as soccer, golf, tennis, etc.
We send our products all over Greece
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Epitalio, Pyrgos 27058 / Ilias
Phone: 2621071336
Cell: 6977589027