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SOD Varieties

Kagouras Alexios
Epitalio - Pyrgos Ilias

Grass varieties are various types of lawns that have some specific genital features. This means that every variety of lawn has its advantages and disadvantages.
Here you will find the best varieties available on the market.
Platinum Paspalum
Highly strength, hybrid lawn.
Use: Wide range of use in places where serious water savings are required without compromising on quality.
Installation - Maintenance: Large range of soil pH (5-8.5).
Resistance: Resistance to temperatures up to 45 ° C, excellent durability, drought and heat resistance and high shade resistance.

Festoouka is a variety of ready-made turf of amazing quality.
Use: Nurseries, Sports Facilities, gardens, public spaces
Installation - Maintenance: Resistant to all climatic conditions and to all soils and areas with high humidity.
Resistance: to Rhizoctonia, Pythium and Typhula diseases. In use and drought.
Features: Thin sheets, dark green, very good density. Nice colors that green the spring mornings. Quick installation, suitable for a mix of stadiums.

Suggested use: Parks, football fields, business areas, golf courses, playgrounds. It is a unique variety for seamless parts.
Temperatures: High heat resistance up to 45 ° C and longer. It turns yellow and its foliage is dry in winter, which returns to spring. Very good resistance to shade.
Watering: Very high drought resistance. It can withstand up to 50% less water. It can also be watered with poor quality water. (Water salinity).
Mowing - Maintenance: It is recommended that haircut is done every 15 days, low to very low (1-3 cm).
Transplanting Period: June, July, August and September


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